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Make Breakfast Possible

Make Breakfast Possible is a community upliftment project aimed at feeding school children from underprivileged communities, a nutritious breakfast at their school, every morning before learning begins.
Our aim is to provide a nutritious breakfast to those learners who come from underprivileged homes.
If you would like to help we recommend the following 2 options:
1. Start this project in your community as charity begins at home
2. Contribute in kind towards your nearest school where breakfast is made possible.
If you are unable to do any of the above, contributions in cash can be made. All funds received are used to purchase the following exclusively:
* plastic bowls or cups
* plastic spoons
* ACE Instant porridge or Morvite
Volunteers are rewarded by the Almighty, the Satisfier of all Needs (As-Samad) for the time, petrol and other admin costs.
Conversation between a teacher and a learner who did not have breakfast
Teacher: What did you have for supper last night?
Learner: Tea
Teacher: Tea and what?
Learner: We only drank tea, there wasn't anything to eat at home.
It is incidences like this which has inspired us to feed every hungry school going child. Help us to help them!
Your contributions in cash, kind or words of encouragement are all greatly appreciated :)
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