You are here: Directory Travel Hajj & Umrah (http://www.flyhajj.com is a leading global online FREE travel portal offering hajj and umrah travelers in South Africa a wide number of packages offered by different travel companies on a single portal. This portal was created to address hajj and umrah travelers need for a comprehensive display of fares, rates, lodging, facilities, share hajj and umrah experiences, learning center and travel agents reviews in a single location. Our objective is to make holy travel to Saudi Arabia one-stop shopping, simple and efficient.

FlyHajj provides the travelers with the following FREE capabilities:

  • Search and compare relevant hajj and umrah packages
  • Make manual and fully automatic bookings
  • Connect travelers to partner travel agents
  • Share experience using FlyHajj community
  • Review and compare travel agents services
  • Learn about hajj and umrah through industry leading learning center
  • Create personal profile
  • Receive notifications
  • Check status of booking requests
  • And much more...

FlyHajj & FlyUmrah empowers the travel agents (for FREE!) and companies with new easy to use Web 2.0 technology offering the following capabilities:

  • Create simple or complex hajj and umrah packages
  • Enable, disable and copy packages with one click
  • Receive referrals through FlyHajj Connect
  • Act on manual and fully automatic bookings through email and portal
  • Promote your travel company through FlyHajj & FlyUmrah community
  • Send announcements to groups
  • Share company branded hajj and umrah information using industry leading learning center
  • Create multiple packages by uploading a single file
  • Update status of booking requests
  • And much more...
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