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MBA - Muslim Business Alternative

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MBA - Muslim Business Alternative by Ihsaan Adams is a first time authored book that suggests an alternative economic system to present day capitalism. As the title suggests, the business model on offer is based on the teachings of the Islamic faith, yet is not calling for humanity to alter their religious beliefs. In fact, it builds its argument around the common understanding of morality that is deep rooted in most mainstream religions but which has only been successfully implemented by the Muslims of yesteryear. 

The book begins by taking a candid look at the modern business world, reflecting on the many problems that humanity is faced with today. It then delves into the tools that the powerful western capitalists use to ensure the perpetuation of their enslaving ideologies. It builds the argument by recognising that capitalism was founded by the Muslims of the 12th to 15th centuries in a society that was free from the problems of modern day capitalism. It then realises that the difference between the two models is the source of western capitalism's chronic problems and the obvious way to cure it would be to find a way to restore the original system in our modern time.

Join us in uncovering how the sincere efforts of the mere commoner will free society from the clutches of the selfish elite and alter the course of humanity by a systematic revolution of consumer activism. The time for change has begun. We hold the key to stop the oppression of humanity!

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